Ruling Planet:

Represented By:


Flexible, devoted, fast learner, enthusiastic and kind-hearted.

Gemini is demonstrative and perceptive in their work approach. As this sign is ruled by planet Mercury, the Gemini is versatile and communicative. Gemini establishes two different characters and others cannot be not sure that which personality they will face. They have mood swings and have tendencies of changing the situations suddenly by their decisions.

Gemini is the personality that doesn’t delve deeper into things but outspread the information. They don’t get into finding the errors and rectifying them with a great resolution. They are fun-loving and like to be social frequently however they become serious and agitated all of sudden. They often feel something is missing in their life and hence they are always in search of new friends, associates, or counselors to share their views. Gemini is always ready for any intellectual challenge and try to change the circumstances according to their comfort and style.

Gemini is multitalented and want to enjoy life to the fullest therefore they are generally not bored and encourage themselves and others regularly. They have the ability to grasp new things quickly as they are fast learners. They are kind-hearted and thus they also support people in need. As Gemini likes to explore things, they come out as great journalists and artists. They also show excellent output in trading and sports.

Whom Aries should avoid:
Gemini should avoid Leo and Pisces in order to keep themselves away from arguments or misunderstanding.

Best Compatible sign:
Aquarius and Sagittarius are the most compatible sign for Gemini. As Gemini always tries to match their thought process with their partner, these zodiac signs are truly positive. Leo, Libra, and Aries also show good involvement with Gemini.

Lucky Gemstone:
Pearls are associated with wisdom and integrity, qualities that are often valued by Geminis who enjoy intellectual pursuits and meaningful conversations.

Lucky Color:
Green and yellow are truly lucky colors for Gemini as they become prosperous and happier by using them frequently.

Lucky Number:
There are many lucky numbers for Gemini like 6, 7, 9, 11, 14, 5, 23, and 60. They give positive results if followed.